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What Our Patients Have to Say


Dr. Massoodnia is by far the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. After years of suffering with vertigo and being told by different doctors that nothing could be done, I had finally given up. Unfortunately, the number of vertigo attacks with fluctuating hearing loss and blaring loud tinnitus in the right ear to the point of concern. My primary doctor and neurologist considered autoimmune inner ear disease or Meniere’s, but I had never received a definitive answer. I came across Seaside Audiology after searching for specialized evaluations, and decided to call for an appointment. I recall the warmth and transparency with which Dr. Massoodnia conveyed during my very first phone call, as she explained the evaluation process and how she’d work with my clinical providers to reach a diagnosis. 


After I underwent specialized tests (which were not easy, mind you), I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. In a matter of time, she worked with my team of specialists to develop a treatment plan to manage my triggers and bounce back from a bad day, if it does occur. Needless to say, my daily life has improved dramatically: I no longer find myself losing days from my vertigo, ear and imbalance attacks, or living in fear of sudden bouts of dizziness without knowing what provoked them. Now, I can focus on what matters in life, and aim to control identified triggers so that I keep symptoms at bay (to the degree that I can). I cannot recommend Dr. Massoodnia enough! She displays professionalism, expresses compassion and patience during the extensive testing process, and effectively discusses results and diagnosis in understandable dialogue without rushing you out the door. If you ever email her, she will provide a prompt and detailed response to your question via email. It is rare to find a doctor who cares for their patients the way she does. Dr. Massoodnia at Seaside Audiology earns my highest recommendation and I am happy to have her as an integral part of my medical team!



I reluctantly came in to see Dr. Roxanna after a long a battle with my wife. She has been saying I have a hearing loss for years, but really, I thought she was a soft-spoken mumbler. Dr. Roxanna made the process very smooth and explained the hearing testing and hearing aid prescription very coherently... I was taking my ears for granted. Since being fit with hearing aids, I’ve become aware of how much I was missing. And the best part is my wife’s complaints have become more infrequent!



"Dr. Massoodnia treated me for MDDs a few years ago and went above and beyond as my doctor. When you are not feeling well and experiencing balance issues you want a doctor that takes the time to listen to you. We always took it day by day and as my symptoms would change Dr. Massoodnia would make sure my treatment plan was on target to helping me have the best recovery. On bad days when my symptoms would flare up, Dr. Massoodnia would be there to reassure me that my dizziness will get better and that my body is healing. The best quality about Dr. Massoodnia is she is constantly researching your case/symptoms. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the inner ear and almost every question I had she was able to give me a detailed answer on what I’m experiencing with articles to back up her facts. It’s so comforting to know that I have a doctor that goes the extra mile every time I visit her. Also, Dr. Massoodnia is very sympathetic. There are many times she helped calm my anxiety and gave me reassurance that I will surpass this difficult season in my life. If you have been experiencing any dizziness or balance issues but can’t get the answers you are looking for, I highly recommend visiting Seaside Audiology and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Massoodnia. She is one of the best doctors who has treated me and my dizziness cleared up. After seeking treatment I didn’t notice any of my symptoms anymore."



Dr. Massoodnia treated me with the utmost care. If you are in need of an Audiologist I highly recommend Dr. Massoodnia! 

She really took the time to listen to all of my concerns, which can be rare nowadays. She is AMAZING and I have already referred my friends to her. Seaside Audiology is and will always be my go-to care center for Audiology. 



"I had vertigo starting about two years before, off and on, trying every maneuver available. Certainly, no one seemed to know much about it. And it seemed like no one really cared. It makes life miserable. Seaside audiology cleared all that. In 2 sessions. They were such professionals, they knew all about it. If you have vertigo this is the only place to go in Southern California. There’s also one in New York City. This is the only treatment that worked. I highly recommend Seaside Audiology"

- Steve


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